Typical products of Palinuro

All the specialities of the Cilento

Discover more about the typical products of Palinuro and even buy some of them by visiting the area’s local markets. That’s where you’ll find everything is genuine and retains the flavours that only comes from tradition. Before they leave, tourists adore stocking up on intensely-fragranced olive oil, dried tomatoes, Cilento white figs, small pieces of sausage and soppressata cold cuts, sheep and goat’s milk cheese, chestnuts, mozzarella wrapped in myrtle and wild strawberries – just some of the local delicacies.

Wines from the Cilento area are also renowned and popular. They are produced using local grape varieties that were introduced to Elea and Paestum by the ancient Greeks. Here, the clay-limestone soil and climate provided the ideal conditions for them to express all their personality. The vines produce very few bunches, but these are used to create excellent wines that are the perfect accompaniment to the “poor” and simple, but nevertheless delicious cuisine of the Cilento.

Jams and marmalades produced locally using seasonal fruit are also particularly tasty and include fig, apple, apricot, plum and pumpkin jams and orange and lemon marmalades. Other foods worth mentioning are baby artichokes preserved in olive oil and salella a variety of olive that has been popular in the Cilento for centuries. Not to mention, various cold cuts like pancetta, longa or longarella - a flavoured pancetta made using large quantities of sweet or spicy peppers, pepper, garlic, fennel seeds, parsley and other aromatic herbs.

Finally, visitors must try other local specialities such as Menaica anchovies, cheeses like caciocavallo podolico and cacioricotta, Cicerale chickpeas, white figs, mozzarella co’ a mortedda (the word in local dialect for myrtle) and soppressata from Gioi, a slightly-smoky cold cut with a piece of lard at the centre.

For the perfect accompaniment, choose DOC Cilento or Castel San Lorenzo wines; whether white, red, rosé, muscatel or Anglianico they all boast a rich history and have been lauded by poets and bards.

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