Shopping in Palinuro

Typical products in the Cilento & precious pieces of local handicrafts

Shopping in Palinuro

Quintessentially, holidays also mean shopping – especially here at Marbella Club in Palinuro where guests can do anything that makes them happy, including shopping. For tasty treats, we’d like to remind you that the holiday village has an excellent on-site mini-market at very competitive prices, with a friendly staff ready to provide all the help you need.

Shopping, PalinuroIf you can’t resist buying some typical local products from the Cilento area, head directly to the charming town centre of Palinuro where we recommend locally-made handicrafts, which also make wonderful holiday souvenirs your friends and family will be delighted to receive. You’ll also find beautiful and unique clothes, made using the area’s typical fabrics, that are ideal for adults and children alike.

We also recommend you buy some of the very unusual items made using shells and wood, which give a personal touch to any room, or ceramics from Palinuro. The shops in the centre of Palinuro are all very interesting, with prices to suit all pockets, and all the shopkeepers are very friendly and happy to help. The town’s boutiques are filled with designer pieces by some of the top Made in Italy brands.

One of the unusual things that visitors can buy in Palinuro is briar-root wood, a material perfect for making pipes; in fact, pipe lovers flock here from all over Italy and beyond.

Enthusiasts of the Mediterranean diet lots of specialist stores await here, where visitors can buy all the Cilento’s leading products that are loved and appreciated everywhere along the “boot” of Italy - cakes and desserts, cheeses and cold cuts - you’ll be spoilt for choice!

If you love international shopping and the top fashion brands you should head to Cilento Outlet or the wonderful La Reggia Outlet in Caserta that has great prices. Our staff is always on hand to provide all the information you need for some fantastic shopping!
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