Holiday farms in Palinuro

Looking for a restaurant in the Cilento?

Tasty suggestions from the Marbella Club staff for coeliacs too

You’ll find the best restaurants in the Cilento, starting with the restaurant and pizzeria located on-site at the Marbella Club Village. Meanwhile, the holiday farms in Palinuro offer typical cuisine and dishes for coeliacs too.

If you have a sweet tooth, head to Sapori Divini il Vero Artigianato, where you’ll be left literally “open-mouthed” when you taste the delicious warm and soft puff pastries.

Beer lovers will find a great selection at Molly’s Pub, where they’ll also be tempted by delicious steaks, sandwiches and burgers.

Meanwhile, seafood fans should try Core a Core” that stands in a beautiful flower garden and is the ideal choice for couples. The restaurant serves delicious fish-based appetizers, first and main courses, all served with excellent wines. The dishes are prepared with great skill and wholesomeness by some of the best chefs, with fresh, daily-caught fish selected and purchased directly from fishermen when they return to the small tourist harbour of Palinuro.

Tourists are also warmly welcomed at La Cantina del Marchese, a restaurant that prepares dishes using local products and is perfect for those looking for the strong and wholesome flavours of traditional Cilento dishes.

For evenings spent with friends and family or for a couple’s night, let yourselves be tempted by the contagious enthusiasm of Brera restaurant. The atmosphere is created by unusual entertainment that highlights the great passion of the Cilento.

Located in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Angiolina in Marina di Pisciotta is one of the area’s legendary fish restaurants. Another typical restaurant visitors should try is Valle di Marco Holiday Farm, which serves delicious dishes that are part of the culinary tradition of the Cilento. Finally, for those who enjoy spicy food, we recommend El Muneko Mexican restaurant, which brings Mexico to the Cilento with fabulous fajitas and tasty burritos, to be enjoyed with a glass of Alhambra beer!

And if all this were not enough, our staff are always on hand to offer you all the recommendations and information you need to choose a restaurant in Palinuro or the surrounding area to suit your taste.

Restaurants for Vegans and Coeliacs in Palinuro

Delicious, wholesome and rich dishes are also served at Osteria U’ Brigante where attention is paid to every detail in the preparation of “homely”, but unique dishes such as honey chicken and linguine pasta with local olives. The restaurant also serves gluten-free dishes, as does Osteria del Notaro.
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